The BRIC Group philosophy: building long-term relationships with clients

The BRIC Group philosophy: building long-term relationships with clients

Throughout its beginnings over 25 years ago, BRIC Group has always been about its clients. As investors ourselves, we understand the importance of building trust from day one and offering absolute transparency. These pillars of our company are more than obvious in our solid track record, but where they gain most visibility is in the BRIC Group client reviews, real  testimonials for satisfied customers.

All in a vision

BRIC Group goes back to 1996 and since then, success in real estate investment has led to major expansion of the company. Today, BRIC Group has 12 offices in 6 countries worldwide and above all, has helped hundreds of clients achieve their wealth aspirations through property investment.

Our track record lies in three fundamental premises: transparency, security and responsibility. And each forms a vital part of our vision


We believe in 100% transparency throughout the investment process. To start with, we’re open about the fact that we have invested in all the opportunities we offer to our clients. In short, they belong to us, so our clients know who the owner is.

And we only invest in opportunities that we have tried and tested. Each and every one receives thorough due diligence before we buy and we’re happy to walk our clients through each step of this. We explain the why behind every investment and share our market research with interested investors.

Plus, we organize inspection trips so that clients can see their investment property for themselves. And at any time.


At BRIC Group, we believe that peace of mind should be part and parcel of every single one of our investments and providing this tranquility forms a fundamental part of our vision.


We’re well aware that our opportunities involve substantial investment on the part of our clients. We’re talking about hard-earned income, nest eggs or retirement funds. We therefore firmly adhere to our promise of responsibility.

We make sure that all the investments we offer have the potential to earn sustainable returns. We have mitigation measures in place to reduce risk as much as possible. And many of our opportunities come with guaranteed returns.

Long-term partnerships

Our quest is to build long-term relationships that will help each and every one of our investors continue to create wealth.

Whilst this is our side of our story, it is our clients who tell the rest so let us now turn to BRIC Group client reviews.

BRIC GRoup client reviews

As Jeff Bezos, CEO of the tech giant Amazon said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. So, what do BRIC Group clients have to say about their experience?

Our Client Reviews sectionincludes a selection of some of the reviews our investors have written about their experience with BRIC Group. Although our clients come from different parts of the world, have varying wealth aspirations and have invested in different BRIC Group products, their reviews share some common themes.

Our clients find transparency

Open investments are part of our core philosophy and we’re proud that clients value this too. Ian Gill is a case in point. “When I was told something would happen, or would cost a particular amount, then it did,” he wrote. “There were no nasty surprises along the way.”

Edmond Walters echoes the transparency he experienced when he chose to invest with BRIC Group. “I was very skeptical to begin with as I have spent my life in investments,” he said. “But BRIC do exactly what they say and it’s refreshing to be part of a company that prides itself in customer satisfaction.”

Our clients find security

The sensation of trust and confidence permeates all the reviews we’ve received from our clients. “My partnership with BRIC Group gave me the peace of mind needed to proceed with an investment with them, because all of their property offerings are actually property that they own,” explained Kemmon Guadalupe.

Many of our clients underline the usefulness of an inspection trip to add security to an investment. “Seeing the unit for real proved the accuracy of BRIC’s information provided is first class,” said a buyer of a Florida turnkey property

Our clients find responsibility  

And hand-in-hand with the security goes the responsibility of returns. “I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that my property value had also risen by 15% in the four months since completion,” said Adrian Ruscoe.

For Susan Laird, initial worries were soon allayed. “One year ago I purchased an apartment in Florida and was very worried about buying over the internet,” she said. “But the results have been as promised by BRIC, I have recently purchased another also in Florida.”


At BRIC Group, we believe the customer always comes first and our clients agree. “I admire their professionalism and customer-centric approach to meeting my needs,” said an investor at The Coral

Another investor highlighted how BRIC Group goes the extra mile for clients. “BRIC has the flexibility to fit with to their customers’ needs and this I find very convenient to me,” said Jagdeo Nirsook.