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Acquiring property especially as a verdant and international investor comes with insurmountable risks and challenges that will require an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market to make an informed and rewarding decision. In my experience, having partnered with BRIC Group automatically eliminated several high-risk factors involved, because of the expert advice provided by the company.

My partnership with BRIC Group gave me the peace of mind needed to proceed with an investment with them, because all of their property offerings are actually property that they own, and already conduced the necessary due diligence and research on, as they are investors in the same property themselves!

I also admire their professionalism and customer-centric approach to meeting my needs. When I learned about the company from my independent research, and contacted them for further information, our initial conversation led me to investing with them, because of their genuine desire to meet my goals as a potential investor. My investment consultant was able to map out a practical plan that allowed me to make the best suited decision for my situation, and the legal aspects of the transaction, such as the transfer of the title deed and other ownership documents were promptly delivered.

I am now a proud property owner and partner with BRIC Group and I look forward to future investments with them.


I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Mr. Mirza Beslagich. Mirza provided me with excellent investment advice for an unknown market to me.

I was very reluctant and hesitant at first, as I had a bad experience before. So I expressed my worries to Mirza, who not only had been a great advisor, but also a good friend guiding me through my first overseas investment. I greatly value his consistency, his attention to detail, and his flexibility to respond to change.

The professionalism and knowledge evidenced by Mirza and the BRIC team are greatly appreciated. Mirza’s advice and guidance is always sound and consistent. I can count on his breadth of knowledge to educate me and can, therefore, make both short and long-term investment plans with confidence.

I was further reassured when I went to Naples to attend a medical conference and through the kind help and arrangement by Mirza, I was driven by a nice chap called Kevin, all the way to Rotonda, where I explored the area and landed on my allocated plot.“Seeing is believing” I was fascinated by the place, the most beautiful and attractive area in Florida and America. I would like to express my gratitude to Kevin for being very professional and nice to me. He even took me to St. Petersburgh Beach to enjoy myself.

I would be happy to provide further information regarding the quality and effectiveness of BRIC Group service and I will persuade my friends not to miss the opportunity to invest with BRIC.

Mohammed Zain Seidahmed

Overall, I just feel so lucky that I had BRIC expertise and help with this process, and that everything worked out so perfectly. This was a tough market in which to find the perfect land and BRIC offered very smart advice when making my decision to invest with them. Throughout the time, I appreciated how organized and professional the BRIC office was and how quickly the BRIC team followed up with outstanding feedback. Whenever I felt discouraged or wasn’t sure of the next step, Karolina was always happy to explain and provide encouragement. It’s very obvious how well she understands the USA market, and I benefited from that knowledge again and again.

When it came to the time to buy the land I loved, of course I ended up with a wonderful offer. It’s true, and it all worked out in the end: her expert advice and calm negotiation got me my land, and I’m not sure that would have happened with another realtor going to bat for me. I felt throughout this process that Karolina wanted the best for me and was there to represent my interests—I trusted BRIC implicitly, and that was more than earned.

I can’t say enough about the expertise, attentiveness, warmth and professionalism BRIC (and their whole office) brought to this process. Thanks to them, I have my land and for sure for their kindness and offering in helping in building my “forever home”, and I can’t wait to move in and start the next chapter of my family’s life.

Thank you for everything

Fahad Abdulhafeez

One stop shop. From deciding on and acquiring an investment property to getting it rented out and maintaining my new asset, BRIC Group offers it all with incredible international support.

Had my condo for almost 18 months now and I am very happy with BRIC’s service and ongoing support.

Francois Lessing

BRIC Group is one of the top leading real estate and investment companies in the world because of their employees.

After dealing with all relevant employees, especially Karolina, I feel that I am a part of the BRIC family not a customer.

BRIC Group is a trust worthy company and I would recommend to others that if you would like to invest in real estate then feel free to proceed with BRIC.

Syed Rafat Ali

BRIC investments are one of a kind, purely professional and committed to delivering quality service that is unmatched.

It is a pleasure doing business with BRIC. I am honored to be an engaged partner in their investment and look forward to their continued support.

BRIC has the flexibility to fit with to their customers’ needs and this I find very convenient to me.

Jagdeo Nirsook

It was such a pleasure working with Karolina from BRIC GROUP who seems to have all the answers to my real estate questions. I would highly recommend her and her support team who made my transactions all so easy and painless.

Thank You Karolina, BRIC

Syed Ali

I have found your service to be excellent. You are always quick to respond to any queries and always extremely helpful. I couldn’t wish for anyone better to manage my property.

Samantha Morris

I have been impressed with how Stuart and BRIC Group conduct their day to day business. I did business with Stuart many years ago and wanted to see what options he had available at BRIC Group. The who investment cycle works well for me and has been rapid.

Thanks again Stuart.

Kenneth Walton

One year ago I purchased an apartment in Florida and was very worried about buying over the internet. The results have been as promised by BRIC, I have recently purchased another also in Florida.

The BRIC Group have proved to be trustworthy, helpful and friendly always. Suzanne and Lara are always on hand to answer and sort out any problems for me.

Susan Laird

I have been dealing with Suzanne of BRIC Investments for almost a year now. As an International investor of a property in the USA Suzanne has assisted me through the hurdles that sometimes occur when investing in countries with differing laws. Suzanne has always been prompt in returning emails and very helpful in directing me for the best outcome.

Thank you Suzanne.

Stuart Titheradge

We decided to purchase an investment property in Florida and this process was made incredibly easy by the staff at the BRIC Group.

This started from liaising with the members of the sales team prior to purchase and the same ethos continued to the support that was offered throughout the purchasing process.

This same level of support has been evident since the purchase from the property management team who have made having a property abroad trouble free as they are available to help at all times, ensuring that owning a property abroad is trouble free for the investor.

Stuart & Brenda Smith

I have met with great people at BRIC group since I purchased an investment unit in their amazing project in Northeast Brazil ‘Coral Beach’. The team was honest and very cooperative when they invited me and my wife for a meeting at their office in Dubai.

The meeting was warm and fruitful. They showed me all the related information and plans for investing in The Coral project. BRIC group assigned a portfolio manager for me ” Karolina” who was so nice and really effective in communicating with me making every step easy for me. More than this, they arranged a site visit for me to Brazil and an invitation letter to see the project progress. Amazingly, when a new opportunity showed up, Karolina and Stuart called me to explain it to me.

So, I am really confident investing with BRIC and thankful to the entire team especially ‘Karolina’.

Mr. Salim Al Shammary

I have been working closely with Stuart at BRIC Group now for over a month. He has enlightened me about the availability of BRIC products and how to go about the procedures.

Stuart has showed great patience with me and allowed time for me to research everything I needed to. I am very happy with my investment in Tampa Bay. Trust was a huge issue for me but after going with my gut and investing after a lot of consideration, I can see that I am in good hands and the reason why BRIC Group is doing as good as they are.

Thanks Stuart.

Anita Santos

The hassle of shopping around for a worthwhile real estate investment catering to my style, planning, taste and ultimate objectives ended the day Stuart from BRIC Group and I got connected to do business.

Right from the onset I found him to be a man of integrity, trust and thorough with a great flavor for professional and prompt service.

Most importantly, he is a lovely person to talk to, deal with and above all he respects client’s space and time, never pushy for sales.

I strongly recommend Stu to potential real estate investors to experience the pleasure of this investment process which otherwise can be generally cumbersome and painstaking.

Vishwas Acharya

Having discussed different investment ideas with Stuart over a period of time, I decided it was time to get the ball rolling and see what BRIC has available. Having discussed the idea of turnkey property investments with my wife, we decided to invest in a new build investment unit on the west coast of Florida, “Englewood”.

It has been 3 months since the investment and I feel I have been looked after in a very efficient manner. The project is fully underway and I have been to visit it two times now, step by step each time. I was very skeptical to begin with as I have spent my life in investments. BRIC do exactly what they say and its refreshing to be part of a company that prides itself in customer satisfaction…

Thanks again for everything you have done.

Edmond Walters

I have been dealing closely with Grishma for over a year at BRIC and done business with her. It’s fair to say that I have been very impressed with how Grishma has helped to pick the right investment product for me after thorough market research. It’s been over a year since the investment and I have been looked after in a very efficient manner with continuous follow up and market updates.

Though this was my first investment in Latin America, I was confident of the project due to the high level of detail and the figures that she provided me (ROI, etc).

I thank you for the hard work and look forward to future dealings with BRIC.

Ms Awootar

Last February I purchased two properties from BRIC Group. From the start all the personnel were very friendly and helpful, making the process very easy for me. Since purchasing the properties, I have been in very close contact with Suzanne Brennan, who has been of great help and support guiding me through the steps that followed; for example contacting Management and dealing with the tenants. She has been right on top of any issue, writing emails and following through until she got satisfying results.

I have really felt that BRIC is on my side and my interests are being considered. Suzanne has been a great liaison between BRIC, me and Management, which is really helpful. I feel that my questions are heard, taken seriously and answered promptly. For someone new like me, in this whole property ownership and renting; it is great to have professionals to guide me and help me.

Carolina Soto Acebal

I have been very happy with the services that BRIC has provided, from the first introductory telephone call, through to help with management of the property once it was purchased. I never felt pressured into doing anything, but found the advice to be useful and sound.

When I was told something would happen, or would cost a particular amount, then it did…. there were no nasty surprises along the way. Now that the property is providing income, Suzanne (Property Management Services) is still there to do any chasing or clarifying with the US company. Everything has been efficient, and I’ve been kept involved and informed at every step.

I’ve never done any investment like this before and was a complete novice, so was delighted that it was all made so straightforward for me.

Ian Gill

Just a note to express my thanks and gratitude on providing a professional service on my purchase of a unit in Florida. From the initial contact with the consultant to the various updates during the purchase stages through completion and beyond. At no time did I feel uneasy or pressured into an investment, which was done entirely through the web site. I have recently returned from Florida and the arrangements to view the property I had purchased and now let, was also arranged by the office in Spain to their colleagues in Florida. The viewing went ahead and seeing the unit for real proved the accuracy of BRIC’s information provided is first class.

I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that my property value had also risen by 15% in the four months since completion, making me seriously consider a future unit purchase when funds allow. I do not say this lightly and have already recommended BRIC Group as an investment consideration to several friends.

Adrian Ruscoe Pond

One of my most pleasant experiences in dealing with the BRIC Company has been my interaction with Suzanne.

She has been patient, efficient and thorough with all my requests including questions, document retrieval and clearing up misunderstandings.

The customer service which Suzanne had given me is one of the reason why I would recommend BRIC as a good investment choice.

Margarita Griffin

Suzanne has been assigned to act as my Property Manager after I bought a house in Florida through BRIC Group.

I am more than happy with the services she has provided, as she has always answered quickly to all my requests, helping me to solve any problems and doubts I have had.

Elisa Riet Correa

I am writing this testimonial for my portfolio manager Mr. Stuart Lownie. I have to say I’m extremely happy with the BRIC Group, its products and services. I flew to Brazil and conducted a lot of research on the coral. I met with the BRIC Brazil representatives and they gave me the 5 star treatment, Answered all my questions and I invested into a land plot right away. The project surpassed all my expectations. I have told my friends about the investment opportunity at The Coral. I have been so impressed with the company and their investments even my friends and colleagues have jumped aboard and purchased plots. Already 4 of my contacts have invested in the same Quadra and community as I purchased. Thanks again Stuart Lownie and BRIC Group for giving me the opportunity, help and professionalism with my new investment portfolio.

Malvin Lawrence

I could only say that it’s been a fantastic experience, the professionalism, respect and trust that Stuart Lownie showed and delivered in my first experience with BRIC was outstanding! It gives a lot of confidence on my investment. I’m actually looking forward to expand my portfolio with BRIC. I’d also like to mention that I was impressed by the synergy, team work, and transparency that was displayed not only by Stuart but by the team he put me in contact with. This team would be Lara Williams, Suzanne Brennan, and Barbara A. Hahl. All amazing people. It is the kind of company and people that I would definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Federico Diez De Medina


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