Revenue from tourism in Ceará to exceed R$1 billion in July

Revenue from tourism in Ceará to exceed Rid=

Tourism in Ceará looks set to return to its record pre-pandemic levels this summer. According to the latest estimates, the state will welcome around 400,000 visitors in July. Tourist spending has increased by almost 30% in Ceará and as a result, revenue from tourism will exceed R$1 billion.

Visitor spending up by 29%

The latest figures from the Ceará Tourist Board point to a sharp increase in tourism spending this year. In the first two months, visitors spent an average of R$4,118 during their stay. This represents a 29% increase on the same two months in 2020.

“These numbers show that the sector is recovering more quickly than we expected,” said Alexandre Pereira, Secretary for Tourism. “Even when we compare figures for this year with those from before the pandemic, they are higher.”

The increased visitor spending leads analysts to predict that revenue from tourism in Ceará this July will exceed R$1 billion. They expect the average daily spend to reach R$320 for Brazilian holidaymakers and R$518 for international visitors.

400,000 tourists expected in July

The Tourist Board has calculated that Ceará will welcome around 400,000 visitors this month, between Brazilian and foreign tourists. The figure is similar to the last high season earlier this year. Between December 2021 and January 2022, some 500,000 tourists visited the state.

Like the increase in visitor spending, the expected numbers also confirm that tourism in Ceará is well on the road to recovery.

According to Fraport, the managers of Fortaleza Airport, Ceará will receive a daily average of 17,000 passengers this month. This translates to over 3,500 flights during July. Hotel occupancy is forecast to be around 80%.

Fortaleza most sought-after holiday destination

Fortaleza and Ceará continue to confirm their popularity among Brazilian holidaymakers and both feature regularly among the most sought-after destinations in the country.

Earlier this year, research from Latam airline found that Fortaleza was the nation’s preferred holiday spot for Carnival. During the Corpus Christi holiday weekend in June, Fortaleza was the seventh most popular holiday destination in Brazil for both national and international visitors.

And more recently, revealed that Fortaleza ranks among the top ten favourites for both July and August this year. Tourism in Ceará does indeed appear to be back to normal.

(Source: Ceará Tourist Board)