Emerging global hub in Ceará for tech and connectivity

Emerging global hub in Ceará for tech and connectivity

Ceará is emerging as a global hub for technology and connectivity, with the world’s major players in data setting up in the state. There are currently at least six tech giants negotiating the expansion of their presence in Ceará, two new data centre projects in the pipeline and two more submarine cables. Between them, they are creating thousands of new jobs in the state and allowing a global hub in Ceará to emerge.

Tech giants in Ceará

According to information from the Ceará Economic and Employment Department (SEDET), six tech giants are currently in negotiations with the regional government. All wish to expand their operations in the state.

They include Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Ascenty and Scala. “The outlook is very positive,” said Adalberto Pessoa, an advisor to SEDET. “The demand for digital transformation has grown exponentially, leading to the need for more connectivity and technological infrastructure.”

More data centres in Ceará

The state is already a hub for data centres, thanks to the installation of submarine cables. Two further projects are on the horizon. According to SEDET, V.tal and Elea Digital are in advanced discussions about implementing new data hubs in Ceará.

Elea Digital is also looking at the possibility of a fusion with another company rather than setting up a new data centre. Alternatively, it may acquire an existing centre in Ceará.

Extra submarine cables

Ceará’s privileged geographical position as the nearest point in Latin America to Europe means the state is fast becoming a global leader in submarine cables. 18 cables have already been installed, making Ceará the second-most connected location in the world.

“This natural advantage led global players to conclude that Ceará is the most convenient place for submarine cable investment,” said Pessoa.

He also stated that Ceará is negotiating the installation of two more cables. They would reinforce connectivity between Brazil and Europe. However, for confidentiality reasons, the names of the companies in question have not been revealed.

Green hydrogen hub

The arrival of tech giants confirms Ceará’s position as a principal economic player in Brazil. The state already stands out in Latin America for its green hydrogen production. The hub, based at Pecem Port, will have the capacity to produce one million tonnes of the sustainable fuel by 2030. It currently has 24 Memorandums of Understanding as well as two pre-contracts with major players in renewable energies.

New employment opportunities at global hub in Ceará

One of the biggest challenges facing tech companies is sourcing qualified employees, an obstacle also on the horizon for the global hub in Ceará. However, SEDET has plans in place to meet this ever-increasing demand.

They include programmes at the state’s education centres, with a two-pronged approach. One process will focus on the development of economic clusters and start-ups to solve problems. The other will provide training for over 100,000 young people for employment in the tech market. Both programmes will be in place over the next four years.

(Source: SEDET)