Another new data centre in ceará

Another new data centre in ceará

As the nearest point to Europe in South America, Ceará enjoys a strategic location in Northeast Brazil. This together with the latest infrastructure attracts high-tech investment. The latest company to make the most of these dual advantages is Elea Digital. The company has just announced the installation of a new data centre in Ceará.


Two-phase investment

The Brazilian company Elea Digital is the latest to benefit from Ceará’s location and infrastructure. The installation of a new data processing centre will happen in two stages: the first phase will take place in the second half of this year with the final installation expected in 2021. The new data centre in Ceará will be located in the state capital. Fortaleza.


The company is investing R$100 million in the processing centre, which will have a dual purpose. Part of it will be a server hub and the other will process big data fo individuals, institutions and private companies.


Third data centre in Ceará

The arrival of Elea Digital will bring the total number of data centres in the state to three. Angola Cables and CenturyLink installed the first centre in Praia do Futuro, one of the main beaches in Fortaleza. The second belongs to Hostweb who set up their data centre in the district of Servinha, also in Fortaleza.


Ceará offers excellent investment potential for data centres. It’s the closest point in Brazil (and South America) to Africa and Europe. And an extensive network of submarine fibre optic cables already exists from Ceará to several continents including Africa, North America and Europe plus Central America.


“We’re investing here because we can see that Ceará is a state that is connected to the world thanks to submarine cables,” said Alessandro Lombardi, one of the investor partners at Elea Digital. “We can see a huge potential to narrow the distance down between other continents,” he added as quoted in Opovo.


High-end job opportunities

Data centres in Ceará provide excellent employment opportunities particularly in the professional sector. The state authorities highlighted the jobs that will arise from the Elea Digital centre. These will attract highly-qualified professionals to the state and help rise salaries in the sector.


State governor Camilo Santana highlighted the appeal of Ceará as an investment location and welcomed Elea Digital. “We’re already the second most connected spot in the world with our submarine cables,” he said, “and our long-term strategy plans to strengthen technological centres”.


Wide-reaching effects

Over the last few years, Ceará has consistently attracted investment that creates jobs in the technology and professional sectors. These include employment opportunities that focus on IT at the three data centres and jobs in the steel and engineering sectors at Pecem Port.


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(Source: Opovo)