Ceará most sought-after holiday destination in Brazil

Ceará most sought-after holiday destination in Brazil

Booking survey reveals that Ceará is the most sought-after holiday destination in Brazil. The state stands out for its long coastline and variety of vacation spots as well as its gastronomy. In the ranking for best beaches in Brazil, Jericoacoara stands in second place. 

Ceará best in Brazil 

The survey carried out among holidaymakers throughout the country showed that most tourists preferred the beach. Ceará was the absolute favourite holiday destination in Brazil, with other states in the Northeast featuring in the top five. 

Ceará’s competitors include Alagoas, Bahia, Maranhao and Pernambuco as the best holiday states. All lie in Northeast Brazil, confirming this region’s ranking as the nation’s favourite vacation spot. 

Reasons for choosing Ceará 

According to Booking’s regional agent, Uillians Batista, Ceará has been a favourite among Brazilians for some time. “We’ve realised that Ceará has multiple attractions,” he said. “The coast is enormous, but the main appeal comes from that magic people find in Ceará”. 

For Murilo Santa Cruz, the President of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agents in Ceará (ABAV-CE), the survey shows the result of consistent promotion of the state. “The state tourist board and travel agents have been working hard to build an ever-stronger tourist destination,” he said. 

Best coastline 

In a country with thousands of kilometres of coastline and some of the world’s top beaches, the competition to be the best is tough. However, Ceará featured as the nation’s second-best in both categories. 

With over 570km of coastline, Ceará ranked in second place after Rio de Janeiro. The top two choices confirm holidaymakers’ overwhelming preference for beach vacations – 88% of participants in the survey said their most sought-after destinations in Brazil were beaches. 

In the ranking for best beaches, Northeast Brazil comes up as the national favourite yet again. Praia do Sancho in the protected area of Fernando de Noronha in Pernambuco takes the top position as the best. Jericoacoara in Ceará sits in second position. 

“This combination of the best coastline and beach means that holidaymakers want to visit Ceará,” said Batista. He highlighted several outstanding features of Jericoacoara as well. “The diversity of the destination with the beach, lagoons and dunes is fantastic,” he said. 

(Source: Booking)