Ceará and the Netherlands launch Green Hydrogen Corridor

Ceará and the Netherlands launch Green Hydrogen Corridor

Ceará and the Netherlands have just agreed to create a Green Hydrogen Corridor between Pecem Port and the Port of Rotterdam. The governor of Ceará and the Dutch Prime Minister both signed the agreement, which will allow green hydrogen to reach the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. It also creates yet more jobs and income in Ceará. 

Green Hydrogen Corridor 

In early May, authorities representing Ceará and a delegation from the Netherlands including Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister, signed a historic agreement in Sao Gonçalo do Amarante in Ceará. It will allow the creation of a Green Hydrogen Corridor linking Pecem Port and Europe via the Port of Rotterdam. 

The Green Ports Partnership is between Ceará and the Netherlands. It signifies yet another step in the state’s ambition to become a leading hub for world green hydrogen production over the next decade. 

“We’re making history for humanity,” said Elmano de Freitas, Governor of Ceará. He highlighted that the agreement goes one step further towards reducing the world’s carbon footprint. “We recognise the Netherlands as one of the leading players in Europe and the world in the global fight to reduce greenhouse emissions.”

Partner ports 

Pecem Port is one of the ports with the best potential for renewable energies while Rotterdam ranks as the main entrance to Europe. Rutte drew on these two reputations and emphasised that the agreement represents “a fantastic opportunity”. He also said it shows “Ceará is leading the way in Brazil, just as Rotterdam is a leader in Europe.”

The two ports have been partners since 2018, when an agreement between Ceará and the Netherlands gave the Dutch side 30% control of Pecem. The Green Ports Partnership is the latest step in this collaboration. 

The principal aim of the latest agreement is to support Dutch companies looking to export and invest in Brazil while helping Brazilian enterprises do the same in the Netherlands. Both parties expect the alliance to boost cooperation and drive initiatives in port logistics, port energy projects such as land and sea wind power, and the production of green hydrogen. 

Potential on both sides 

Ceará is currently well on track to 30 signed memorandums of agreement for green hydrogen production. Three already have sealed pre-contracts and a designated area within the ZPE Free Trade Zone in Pecem Port. Investment between the three amounts to US$8 billion. 

The President of Pecem Complex, Hugo Figueiredo, said the Corridor strengthens the association between the two countries. In addition, “it allows Brazil to play a fundamental role in supporting Europe in the energy transition”. 

For his part, the Vice-President, Fabio Grandchamp, said the green hydrogen hub will contribute significantly to world energy production. In addition, it will transform Ceará with its investment, development and employment opportunities.