Pecem Port comes of age

Pecem Port comes of age

Pecem Port, one of the engines of the buoyant Ceará economy, has just celebrated its 21st anniversary. The hub is responsible for over 50% of exports from Ceará and is set to become a major centre of green hydrogen energy in Brazil. According to regional authorities, Pecem Port is about to transform the lives of Ceará residents still further. 

Record-setting port 

Pecem Port was established in 1995 and since then has grown exponentially. The last five years have been particularly busy in terms of handling cargo and containers. It already carries around 18 million tonnes of cargo annually, and set a record for containers in 2022. As a result, Pecem is now one of the most important ports in Brazil. 

Bright future on the horizon 

However, the biggest boom for Pecem Port is about to happen with the realisation of green hydrogen projects in the area. The area has already received R$8 billion in investment funds, with a further R$2.2 billion in the pipeline by 2027. 

The funds are earmarked for upgrades at the Port Complex to allow the production and transportation of green hydrogen. They include oleo ducts, tanks and a new terminal to allow the transfer onto ships. 

In December last year, the ZPE free zone at Pecem Port received an honorary mention in the fDi Global Free Zones of the Year awards. Judges highlighted how the Port is “accelerating hydrogen adoption”. They also praised the Free Zone’s approach to business that “combines incubation with the reliability of creating clusters for horizontally and vertically integrated industries”. 

Significant job creation 

Port and regional authorities emphasise the employment possibilities at Pecem Port, already a focal point for jobs in the state. “The potential for new jobs is huge,” said Hugo Figueiredo, President of the Pecem Complex.

He added that around 80,000 jobs will be created over the next few years. “Yet again, Pecem Port will play a major role in Ceará future and transform its economy,” he said. 

The Port offers wide-reaching job opportunities, with particular emphasis on qualified professionals at the top of their field in engineering and technology. In turn, these openings create demand for housing and amenities in the state. High-end property has seen a surge in demand over the last few years in tandem with the arrival of top professionals working at Pecem.

Impressive history 

Pecem Port dates back to 1995 when Cearáportos formed to manage the port and promote its economic development within the state. The current complex was established in 2002 in the area of Sao Gonçalo do Amarante, near the capital Fortaleza. 

In 2018, Pecem Port partnered with Rotterdam Port in the Netherlands. This strategic alliance lies behind many of the recent successes of the Ceará port. The Dutch port currently owns 30% of Pecem Complex. 

Another significant milestone in Pecem Port’s history came in 2008 when ArcelorMittal steelworks set up in the port. Its installations attracted the latest investment in Ceará on record. 

In April this year, Pecem Port will receive the second largest investment funds with the construction of the thermoelectric factory. Known as Portocem, the installations will cost R$4.7 billion and should start operating in 2026. 

(Source: Ceará regional government)