Ceará airports see 45% traffic increase

Ceará airports see 45% traffic increase

Further evidence of tourism’s recovery in Ceará comes in the latest statistics for airport traffic in the state. In 2022, passenger numbers rose by over 45% compared to 2021. All the regional airports saw significant upticks in traffic, with Jericoacoara Airport experiencing one of the highest.

Passenger numbers almost double

The state tourism department has just published passenger data for 2022 and it reveals that Ceará airports welcomed almost twice as many tourists as in 2021. Last year, around 6.6 million passengers arrived by air at the state’s main airports. The figure translates to a 45.19% increase on 2021.

“This scenario reflects the recovery of tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the Secretary of Ceará Tourism, Yrwana Albuquerque. “It also shows the growth of our network of airlines, with a consolidation of all flights, regional, domestic and international.”

Fortaleza Airport statistics

Fortaleza, the largest of the Ceará airports, saw an uptick of almost 45% in 2022 compared to the previous year. A total of 5.7 million passengers passed through the airport in 2021.

A comparison with 2019, the last pre-pandemic reference, also shows a strong recovery. In July 2022, domestic passengers numbered around 527,000, while those in July 2019 totalled 610,000. The difference between the two figures is just 13.7%, indicating that tourism in Ceará is almost back at pre-Covid levels.

Northeast Brazil including Ceará was a firm favourite with Brazilian holidaymakers last summer. Fortaleza ranked fourth in the country and beach resorts such as Flecheiras and Jericoacoara ranked high among preferences.

Jericoacoara Airport statistics

The Ceará airport with the biggest increase in passenger traffic was Jericoacoara, in the far north of the state. It welcomed 312,353 passengers last year, more than double those in 2021. The number of flights also skyrocketed and increased by 47.78%.

Flights available at Ceará airports

In 2022, flight destinations increased significantly at airports in Ceará on the back of sustained demand, particularly from Southeast Brazil. The state currently has 18 direct flights to other states in Brazil, particularly Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Conhonhas and Guarulhos Airports).

Seven regional flights connect different destinations within the state, consolidating inland tourism. They include connections to Jericoacoara, Aracati, Crateús, Iguatu, Juazeiro do Norte, São Benedito and Sobral.

International flights to Ceará

Foreign tourism is gradually returning to Ceará, a major gateway to Brazil for flights from Europe and Africa. International passenger numbers climbed throughout 2022 and stood at between 20,000 and 25,000 a month.

The international destinations currently available to and from Fortaleza Airport include direct flights to Lisbon, operated by TAP and Paris, run by Air France. Gol airline has flights to Miami and Buenos Aires, with other destinations such as Amsterdam and Madrid due to start running again this year.

Around 52% of international visitors arrive at Fortaleza Airport on direct flights. The remainder comes through other destinations such as Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

(Source: SETUR, Fortaleza Airport)