The number of households increases in ceará

The number of households increases in ceará


The Institute of Economic Research and Strategy of Ceará (IPEC) has published new data regarding households in Brazil.

In 2018 the number of households in Ceará increased by 3.7% compared to 2017, totalling 110 billion new units. This surpassed the results of Brazil (2.2%) and the entire Northeast (1.7%). 2.986 million households were in Ceará while the overall in the Northeast is 18.5 million. The overall number in Brazil was 71 million in 2018.


In Ceará, houses are the most chosen option for a property representing the majority (90.1%). Apartments only represent 9.9%. An increase of 5.5% in houses household was seen last year.

Ceará is expecting to have 449,000 tourists visiting in July this year. This shows a 65.8% increase compared to the same period last year. Visitors should generate tourist revenue of R $ 1,154,200, an amount 22% higher than in July last year.


"This shows that our growth remains high, the new domestic and international flights are consolidating. Proof of this was the survey made by the Ministry of Tourism with the country's main travel agencies, which showed that Fortaleza is the most sought-after destination in these July holidays" said the Executive Secretary of Tourism of Ceará, Denise Carrá. Tourism is helping household increase drastically.


The Coral

The Coral Resort is located in Praia de Guajiru, in the state of Ceará, part of the idyllic beaches in Trairi on the Atlantic coast and about 90 minutes from the state capital, Fortaleza. The resort offers a wide range of real estate options from private villas to beachfront apartments. Guajiru is increasingly being discovered as a superb holiday destination for Brazilians as well as international visitors.


The notable increase in tourism and foreign direct investment among other aspects improving in Ceará are very accurate and positive indicators for investors planning to invest in Brazil.


(Source: Governo do Estado do Ceará)