Pininfarina enters Fortaleza real estate market

Pininfarina enters Fortaleza real estate market

The luxury Fortaleza real estate market sees the arrival of the renowned Italian designer Pininfarina. The company’s latest project in Brazil takes the form of Diagonal by Pininfarina, a 53-storey residential skyscraper located on the beach in the city. As a result, Fortaleza property will take an exponential leap, hand-in-hand with Pininfarina’s first branded tower.

Landmark tower for Northeast Brazil

Pininfarina has selected the capital of Ceará for its first branded residential project. The high rise will be located on the waterfront and showcase cutting-edge design and technology. It joins other luxe developments, a growing sector of the Fortaleza real estate market.

In addition, it seeks to reflect the values of Fortaleza while showcasing the best in Italian design. When completed in September 2028, the 53-storey tower will be one of the highest in Northeast Brazil and a significant landmark on the city skyline.

Unique design and location

Diagonal by Pininfarina will have a curved façade reminiscent of the Italian company’s signature designs and a nod to the ocean location. The façade will also include vertical gardens, creating a rainforest-like oasis in the heart of the city.

With the living green façade, Pininfarina intends to further Fortaleza’s urban afforestation efforts. “Fortaleza is rapidly growing without sacrificing the environment or the quality of life for the residents,” said Samuele Sordi, Chief Architect at Pininfarina. “We knew the concept for our first partnership with Diagonal needed to reflect these values.”

Uber-luxe Fortaleza real estate

The interiors will also mirror the best of Italian design in concept and functionality. Each apartment will have a private lift for access and take in sweeping ocean views. Those from the private terrace will be the best and come with integrated smart lighting.

Communal facilities will encourage “a cross-generational leisure environment” and provide state-of-art amenities for all residents. Relaxation and well-being are the main aims, but facilities will also include co-working spaces.

40th anniversary for Diagonal

One of Brazil’s well-established real estate companies, Grupo Diagonal is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The latest partnership with Pininfarina commemorates this landmark event.

“Diagonal by Pininfarina marks the beginning of our company’s 40th anniversary,” said Joao Flúza, President of Grupo Diagonal. “We are thrilled to celebrate our heritage in providing innovation, technology, and comfort with this unique development that speaks to our company’s values.”

Next-generation luxury for Fortaleza

Over the last few years, Fortaleza has seen increasing demand for high-end real estate in the city. The latest developments regularly include luxury fittings and facilities, designed specifically for the most discerning buyers.

The recent surge in the second and holiday home market confirms this trend. In addition, it places Fortaleza on the map for luxury property in Brazil. The tendency has also spread to the rest of the state, with high-end homes on the beach in particular demand.

(Source: Pininfarina)