More Brazilians Plan to Spend their Summer Holiday in Fortaleza

More Brazilians Plan to Spend their Summer Holiday in Fortaleza

A recent survey reveals the continued popularity of Northeast Brazil with holidaymakers this summer. Among the most popular options was a holiday in Fortaleza, the third most favoured destination in the country for Brazilians. The survey also found holiday lets continuing their upward trend as an accommodation option, particularly among the millennial generation.


This year’s Holiday Trends survey, carried out for Europ Assistance showed that more Brazilians than ever have planned their summer holiday in advance. According to the results, 68% have planned and booked a break between June and September this year, 2% more than last year.


Brazilian holidaymakers also turn out to be early birds when it comes to planning a holiday. They arrange their holidays at least four months ahead of the departure day, considerably more in advance than other countries. Brazilians take longer vacations too with the average coming in at 15 days compared to 12 in Europe.


Holiday in Fortaleza favourite

Among the preferred destinations for a getaway, Brazilians opt for Rio de Janeiro in the first instance. One of the most beautiful undeveloped parts of the country, Fernando de Noronha whose islands lie off Northeast Brazil, comes in second place. And a summer holiday in Fortaleza is the third favourite for Brazilians.


The ranking confirms the popularity of the city with excellent figures for tourism in Fortaleza already this year. The city received 14.5% more visitors during the Carnival period and was the sixth busiest destination in Brazil over Christmas and New Year.


Preferred accommodation

Holiday lets continue their upward trend among Brazilian holidaymakers. According to the Europ Assistance survey, 21% of Brazilians have chosen rental accommodation for their holiday between June and September this year. This option is particularly popular among the millennial generation (those aged 23 to 38).


Holiday lets in Fortaleza represent one of the fastest growing markets in Brazil. Airbnb figures released earlier this year showed that the city had one of the highest rates of rental return. In Carnival, for example, rental income from Airbnb holiday accommodation in Fortaleza rose by 60% in the year. This was the fourth highest in the country.


Favoured holiday types

Those interviewed in the Holiday Trend survey gave slight preference to coastal destinations. 50% have chosen to spend their holiday on the beach with city breaks coming a close second with 48%.


A summer holiday in Fortaleza offers the best of both worlds. The beaches throughout Ceará rank among the best in Brazil with something for everyone from busy urban beaches in Fortaleza to quieter, unspoilt sands further north. The beaches in Mundaú in Trairi, for example, were recently ranked by the holiday portal Kayak as the best for a honeymoon in Brazil.


(Source: Diario do Nordeste)