Major job creation at Ceará green hydrogen hub

Major job creation at Ceará green hydrogen hub

Pecem Port is set to welcome over 14 new companies in the next few years as Ceará state steps up its sustainable energy production. 4 companies have signed firm commitments to the construction of green hydrogen production plants. Between them, they are making billion-dollar investments and will be responsible for major job creation at Ceará. Another 10 companies have expressed interest and negotiations are underway. 

Over 5,000 jobs in the pipeline 

As well as significant investment – the total at the four plants will be at least US$17.35 billion – the green hydrogen hub will create thousands of jobs. More than 5,000 at the initial stage, a figure that does not take indirect employment into account. 

This major job creation in Ceará includes many in the construction sector – the Qair Brasil project, for example, will employ 2,000 people to build the plant. Plus, employment opportunities will also be available for highly qualified professionals in the technical and production sides of the business. 

Four new players in Ceará 

The four companies who have confirmed their presence at Pecem Port at the green hydrogen hub come from Australia and Europe. 

  • Grupo Fortescue Metal – with Australian capital, this company will be responsible for a large proportion of the new job creation in Ceará. The investment of US$5 billion will lead to jobs for 3,300 people. 
  • Qair Brasil – a joint French and Brazilian venture, this company has earmarked US$6.95 billion for its investment at Pecem Port. It will include a green hydrogen plant plus the production of sea wind energy. Between them, the two will create over 2,000 jobs in the construction phase and 600 for the running of sustainable energy production. The plants should be operational by 2023. 
  • White Martins – part of the Irish group, Linde, details have yet to be published on how much investment and how many jobs this company will bring to Ceará. 
  • Energia Enegix – also from Australia, this company will be investing US$5.4 billion and expects to be operational by 2022. 

Taking the Ceará economy to new heights

These investments should take the state economy to a whole new level,” said Jurandir Picanço, President of Industries in Ceará (FIEC). “They are giant projects that are going to transform the economy in Ceará.”

He pointed out the high financial volume in services and other mechanisms that the new industry will generate. In addition, FIEC and the Ceará government aim to create the most competitive green hydrogen hub in the world at Ceará. “The idea is to get a significant share of the market at global level,” said Picanço. 

Expansion of cement sector 

Cement also provides another source of major job creation in Ceará. Votorantim Cimentos, already present at Pecem Port, have just announced an investment of R$200 million to expand their cement production. 

The new line at the plant will allow the company to produce over 1 million tonnes a year. And it will create over 600 jobs. 

(Source: Diaroi do Nordeste)