International tourism in Ceará to grow 11% this quarter

International tourism in Ceará to grow 11% this quarter

A recent analysis of flight booking reveals that Brazil is experiencing a significant rise in foreign visitors. Northeast Brazil has seen an increase of 13% in demand, while international tourism in Ceará is forecast to grow by 11% during the first quarter of 2024. 

Surge in demand for holidays in Brazil 

Research by ForwardKeys shows that demand for flights to Brazil has grown considerably this year compared to last. In Q1, foreign visitor arrivals should increase by 21%. The figures reflect the trend seen in Brazil last year when international tourism exceeded UNWTO forecasts, and revenue reached record levels.

The US led the table, with an 87% surge in flight searches for Brazil for the first three months of 2024. Colombia followed close behind with an 82% uptick, with France in third place (up 62%). 

Demand also soared in other European markets, such as the UK and Italy, showing increases of 48% and 39%, respectively. Regional tourists from other South American markets also searched more for Brazil. According to ForwardKeys, the figures indicate “renewed interest in Brazil for both long-haul and short-haul travel”. 

Regional demand rises 

The survey also looked at demand for different regions in Brazil in the first quarter. The South saw a 34% rise, probably due to the popularity of carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro. 

All other regions in Brazil experienced upticks, with the exception of the West, where demand fell by 11%. In Northeast Brazil, earmarked for holidays by 9% of Brazilians this year, searches for flights to Brazil for January to March this year went up by 13%.

Most sought-after states in Brazil 

Santa Catalina stood in first place, with the biggest surge in demand (up 53%). In Northeast Brazil, international tourism in Ceará is expected to grow by 11% in the first three months of the year, while Bahia has a forecast of just 4%. 

International tourism in Ceará favours week-long stays

The ForwardKeys survey also looked at trends in tourism in different parts of Brazil. In the Northeast, it found that foreign visitors are starting to shift towards slightly shorter holidays compared to 2023. 

5-night stays have seen a 31% growth in demand, although they continue to represent the minority with just a 2% share of the total. Stays lasting a week have grown 36% this year and now account for 30% of the market, up 5% on 2023. 

(Source: ForwardKeys)