Fortaleza fourth best city to invest in Brazil

Fortaleza fourth best city to invest in Brazil

Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, ranks as the fourth best city to invest in Brazil according to a nationwide report. In addition, the city ranks as the fifth best city to visit in Brazil and the sixth to live in. When it comes to regional rankings, Fortaleza is the top city to invest in Northeast Brazil. 

Ranking the best cities to invest in Brazil 

Bloom Consulting has just released its first-ever City Brand Ranking for Brazil, rating the 100 largest cities in the country in three categories: to invest, visit and live. The survey scores cities based on their investment appeal, proactive promotion, social improvements and online presence. 

Data from over 30 different criteria are used to rate cities for their investment potential. They include civil construction, all industrial sectors, foreign direct investment, the property market and business incentives. 

Fortaleza fourth in the country

Using these metrics, Fortaleza ranks as the fourth best city to invest in Brazil, ahead of other large metropolises such as Brasilia, Recife and Salvador. Just Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba achieve better rankings. 

“This ranking underlines the city’s brand,” said the acting Mayor of Fortaleza, Elcio Batista. “Our fourth place shows how well Fortaleza is positioned and reflects our planning efforts. We have made the city more sustainable, more attractive for tourism and with a good ecosystem for business.”

Best cities to invest in Northeast Brazil 

When it comes to the regional rankings, Fortaleza is the top city to invest in Northeast Brazil, beating Salvador in the table. “Once again, Fortaleza stands out at national level,” said Rodrigo Nogueira, Secretary of Economic Development. 

He also pointed out that the top ranking shows that “investment in professional quality and focused credit pays off and backing small businesses have driven the city’s economy”.

Salvador heads the Northeast Brazil table overall with the top positions for tourism and living. Fortaleza took second place for both of these categories. The report highlights the excellent progress of Northeast Brazil generally since all seven cities in the regional ranking also appear in the top 20 in Brazil. 

Better sustainability 

The Bloom Consulting survey also highlights Fortaleza’s progress in environmental policies. In particular, it underlines the creation of urban parks and the transformation of degraded areas into new natural areas. 

“We’re on the right track towards sustainable development,” said Luciana Lobo, Secretary of Planning and the Environment. “This latest report shows that we should continue this hard work to offer locals an even better city.”

Best country for investment

Bloom Consulting also produces a global ranking for trade. In this case, Brazil takes the sixth position in the 2022/2023 Country Brand Ranking. It ranks ahead of China and Australia for investment potential. 

(Source: Bloom Consulting Brasil)