Flecheiras on international tourism map

Flecheiras on international tourism map

One of the best-kept secrets in Northeast Brazil is gradually appearing on the international tourism map. Flecheiras, once known by just a few holidaymakers, is set to join the list of well-known tourist destinations this year. This stunning part of the Ceará coastline is being promoted to Argentinian tourists, one of the most significant markets for Brazil and will be the site of a new marina, one of just five in the state.

Attracting Argentinian tourism

With its borders open and well over 70% of the population double-vaccinated, Brazil is keen to draw international tourists back to its beaches and natural treasures. As a result, Argentina is a major focus of promotion and this year, Brazil is looking to draw tourists to its lesser-known attractions. They include Flecheiras.

At the most recent International Travel Fair, Brazil put Flecheiras and other beaches in Ceará at the centre of its international tourism map. The promotion highlighted the fact that Ceará has health and hygiene protocols in place and the WTTC Safe Tourism seal.

Ceará top choice in Northeast Brazil

With 300 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures of 27 degrees, Northeast Brazil is an obvious choice for holidaymakers. And within the region, Ceará stands out as one of the best-connected states and with some of the best beaches.

As the international flight hub in Northeast Brazil, Fortaleza offers excellent connectivity for foreign tourists. Once international tourism has arrived in Fortaleza, a wide range of natural spaces awaits, including stunning beaches and mountain ranges.

Flecheiras a top choice for international tourism

As well as famous beaches such as Praia do Futuro in Fortaleza and Jericoacoara in north Ceará, the state has several other hidden gems. They include Flecheiras, around 130 to the northwest of the capital.

According to Voy de viaje, Flecheiras “is little known but is the perfect space to explore”. The travel website highlights the variety of activities in the Flecheiras area, such as diving, snorkelling and fishing on the east side of the resort. On the west, tourists can enjoy kitesurfing thanks to the favourable breezes.

New marina for Flecheiras

The state minister for tourism in Ceará, Arialdo Pinho, is also keen to boost the state as a top kitesurf destination in the world and he believes that new marinas are one of the ways of doing so.

“Lisbon has four marinas and Miami has 100,” he explained, “but we only have one in Ceará, which is very small and limited for the potential of our coastline.”

The initiative would involve joint public and private funding in the first stage. The destinations earmarked for a marina on the Ceará coast are Praia do Mucuripe in the capital Fortaleza, Flecheiras, Preá and Jeriocoacoara.

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