Everyone’s talking about these beaches in Northeast Brazil

Everyone’s talking about these beaches in Northeast Brazil

Certain beaches in Northeast Brazil are firmly established on the holiday radar, but others are only just being discovered. This is the case with a quartet of beaches in Trairi in Ceará, once a well-kept secret among a privileged few. But suddenly everyone is talking about them. This latest BRIC Group article explains why.


The beaches in Northeast Brazil are famed worldwide for their miles of golden sands, palm trees and sand dunes. Some of them such as Jericoacoara and Pipa have long ranked as the best in the country. Others are only just starting to make an appearance on must-visit list.


Trairi is one such example. This small municipality about 130km north of Fortaleza in Northeast Brazil, is home to four stunning beaches – Guajiru, Flecheiras, Mundaú and Emboaca. Until very recently, these sandy treasures were known only to locals and affluent holidaymakers from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. However, the quartet is now starting to make its mark on a much bigger scene.


Latest find in beaches in Northeast Brazil

The most recent discoverers of the Trairi beaches are Chilean holidaymakers. The Trairi sands featured last month as “the latest find in Northeast Brazil” in the economy sector of the Chilean broadsheet El Mercurio.


The article says Trairi is an attractive name, short and easy to remember, and goes on to describe the sandy delights awaiting visitors to all four of the beaches. It likens the situation in Trairi now to that in Jericoacoara 20 years ago – just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.


Kite surfers have done just that and El Mercurio claims that wave riders from all over the world have already made these beaches in Northeast Brazil their own. And they are spreading the word.


Cool Brazilian beach destination

Within Brazil itself, Terra portal says that the beaches in Trairi are quite simply “the most incredible on the Ceará coast”. This isn’t an accolade to be taken lightly given that Ceará has around 600km of coastline and miles and miles of beaches.


The travel article published in January describes Flecheiras beach as “enchanting” and “a cool destination”. It highlights the unique landscape of dunes and natural pools that flank the beaches in this part of Northeast Brazil and claims Flecheiras is “the ultimate choice for a quiet beach”. Terra underlines the area’s tranquillity and recommends the local cuisine.


Last big secret

Towards the end of last year, an Argentinian broadsheet sang the praises of beaches in Trairi. The article published in La Nación claimed that these beaches were the next discovery in Northeast Brazil. The article’s author highlighted the relaxed scene in “a handful of small towns on the sands that are the last big secret in this relaxed region”.


While the Trairi quartet only sees a fraction of the attention that other beaches in Northeast Brazil receive, the number of visitors continues to grow. And the state authorities have just made the beaches in Trairi easier to get to.


Nearly 30km of the CE-085 highway have been converted to dual-carriageway between the exits to Paracuru and Trairi. This makes it much easier and quicker to reach Trairi from Fortaleza city and the Fortaleza International Airport.


“This latest media interest proves that Trairi is gradually emerging as a Brazilian holiday destination,” says Dies Poppeliers, Managing Director at BRIC Group. “And this will only rise as more and more holidaymakers discover the potential at ‘this last big secret’ in Northeast Brazil.


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