Ceará receives wttc safe travels seal

Ceará receives wttc safe travels seal

Ceará has just received the WTTC Safe Travels seal. The universally recognised seal certifies that a destination complies with covid-19 hygiene and safety measures. The state tourist board believes that the stamp will encourage tourism in Ceará still further.


Ceará safe destination

Since Ceará began to ease out of lockdown, all businesses have introduced stringent health and hygiene requirements. The World Travel and Tourism Council  (WTTC) has examined these and given them the seal of approval.


“We waited to have all our health and hygiene protocols ready,” explained the Secretary for Tourism in Ceará, Arialdo Pinho. “We then started our application process for the WTTC Safe Travels seal. The approval means we have world certification and tourists know that they’re safe in our destination.”


WTTC Safe Travels

The WTTC launched the seal in the early summer in response to demand from travellers. Its objective is to provide reassurance to travellers on health and safety measures. And by extension, boost the reactivation of the tourist industry worldwide.


The WTTC Safe Travels seal for Ceará recognsies the safety measures in place in the state. To qualify, businesses and tourism establishments must take on and comply with hygiene requirements. They must also introduce social distancing measures.


The World Tourism Organization (WTO) has given the seal its backing as have more than 200 of the world’s largest tourism organisations in the world. The certification follows World Health Organization recommendations.


Promotion of Ceará

After receiving the WTTC seal, the Ceará Tourist Board (SETUR) announced it would be actively promoting the state at national and international levels. “We hope to gradually recuperate the excellent figures we had before the pandemic,” said Pinho. “Covid-19 affected tourism worldwide and things are no different here,” he added. “However, with careful planning, we will get back to where we were.”


Domestic tourism back in force

The National Day weekend in September was the first time that holiday destinations were able to test the Brazilians’ appetite for getting away. Ceará registered excellent visitor figures with hotel occupancy in some part of the state reaching nearly 100%.


The favourite holiday destinations in Brazil were also busy for the latest holiday weekend in October. Ceará ranked among the top three preferred spots, proving that Brazilians are keen to get away on staycations.


“The growing figures show that Brazilians are keen to explore domestic destinations,” said Marcelo Alvaro Antonio, Minister for Tourism in Brazil. “There’s trust and confidence in the health and safety protocols in place and we’re seeing responsible tourism.”


Shift in preferences

With the surge in staycations, Brazil is following the trend seen throughout the world. Since many international borders are closed, Brazilians prefer to stay within their own country. Ceará, traditionally one of the favourite states, is proving to be even more popular post-lockdown.


As well as hotels in beach locations, Brazilians are also choosing to stay in self-catering accommodation in Ceará. This sector has seen a sharp rise in popularity since the summer. As a result, bookings are brisk for the forthcoming summer holiday season and New Year.


Analysts expect this trend to continue for the short and medium term. Brazilian holidaymakers want to ensure social distancing and privacy – holiday lets tick both boxes easily – and stay in natural surroundings. In this scenario, holiday rentals in quiet beach resorts, such as The Coral, come into their own.


(Source: Ceará Government, Latam)