What’s on Brazilian property buyers’ wish lists?

What’s on Brazilian property buyers’ wish lists?

During the pandemic, homebuyers’ priorities shifted, with indoor and outdoor space as the most desirable asset in a house. Nearly three years later, how have these preferences changed? The online portal Quinto Andar recently analysed the features on Brazilian property buyers’ wish lists and the results turn out to vary depending on the location. 

Quinto Andar looked at online searches for property in seven Brazilian cities and studied the filters applied. Their report revealed very different priorities throughout the country, although space continues centre stage. And according to the company, room for a home office and private parking remain top requisites in a home. 

Rio de Janeiro – proximity to metro

The capital of Carnival is the only city where Brazilian property buyers add ‘sea view’ to their must-have list. However, house hunters in Rio de Janeiro most value the proximity of a metro station when searching for a property. 

Next on the wish list are homes in buildings with lifts and communal facilities that include a football pitch. In addition, many would-be buyers look for properties with a bar. 

Curitiba and Porto Alegre – barbecue 

In the south of the country, grilled meats dominate the culinary scene, so it’s no surprise to find that in Curitiba and Porto Alegre Brazilian property buyers most want a barbecue. An in-house grill features as the top priority in 80% of online searches. Tennis courts are another desirable amenity. 

Salvador – security for homeowners

The capital of Bahia ranked as the Brazilian city with the second highest mortality rate last year and house hunters appear to be well aware of this fact. As a result, 24-hour security or concierge services rate as the most desirable aspect of property in Salvador. 

Apart from the security aspect, Brazilian property buyers in Salvador also rate private gardens or communal green spaces as appealing aspects of a home. And like their southern counterparts, they also want space for barbecues. 

Brasilia and Belo Horizonte – lifts 

Apartments in both these cities tend to be in older or smaller buildings, few of which have lifts. Consequently, the most searched-for feature in a property in Brasilia and Belo Horizonte is a lift. 

Sao Paulo – practical aspects 

In the country’s financial capital, Brazilian property buyers opt for practical features in a home. Furnished property is highly desirable, along with proximity to a metro station. Wheelchair access also forms part of the must-have list in Sao Paulo. 

In addition, city dwellers also prioritise private or communal outdoor spaces. For example, a balcony, garden or green spaces are among the most-used filters in online searches. 

(Source: Quinto Andar)