Brazil hotel occupancy, room rates and RevPAR higher than pre-pandemic levels

Brazil hotel occupancy, room rates and RevPAR higher than pre-pandemic levels

In tandem with the return to pre-pandemic levels of tourism, Brazil hotel occupancy is also experiencing a steady uptick in numbers. The latest research from the Forum of Hotel Operators in Brazil (FOHB) finds increases in all principal metrics indicators for hotel business. As a result, occupancy, room rate and RevPAR rose in annual and pre-pandemic terms in September.

Brazil Hotel occupancy year-on-year

In September this year, occupancy in Brazilian hotels rose by 26.1% compared to the same month in 2021. Daily room rate soared by 47% in the year while RevPAR skyrocketed by 85.4% in 12 months. The figures are in keeping with the rise in tourism in Brazil throughout this year.

All regions in the country registered increases in all three indices. The Southeast saw the highest increase in occupancy levels with an uptick of 35.7%, followed by the South with 24%. In terms of daily room rate and RevPAR, the Southeast took the top position again for both, with rises of 59.3% of 116.1%, respectively.

All types of hotels see increases

The Forum of Hotel Operators in Brazil statistics for September also examined occupancy and RevPAR levels for different types of hotels in Brazil. The figures show increases across the board, with all three categories registering significant rises.

Hotel occupancy in Brazil went up the most in ‘upscale’ establishments, with a 33.5% rise. This type of hotel also experienced the highest increase in the daily room rate (52.5%), while its RevPAR rose by 103.5%.

Hotel occupancy in Brazil in 2022 compared to 2019

However, for tourism figures to gain significance, it’s useful to compare them to pre-pandemic levels. The latest FOHB research also contrasts occupancy, room rate and RevPAR in Brazil in September this year with those registered in September 2019, six months before the pandemic. Significantly, all three show increases.

Occupancy levels in 2022 and 2019

When it comes to occupancy, hotels in Brazil registered a level of 62.31% in September. The figure is marginally higher (0.9%) than the same month three years ago.

The only region to register a lower comparison was the North (down -1.9%), while all others experienced higher levels. Northeast Brazil, with 2.7% and the South, with 3.1%, saw the biggest upticks.

Room rates in 2022 and 2019

In terms of room rates, the average in Brazil this September was R$312.15 per night, up 32.4% compared to 2019. The Southeast saw the highest increase with a 36.4% rise, with the Northeast in second position (up 32%).

RevPAR in 2022 and 2019

The principal hotel business indicator also rose in the three years between September 2019 and September 2022. At national level, RevPAR went up by 33.6%. Leading the regions were, once again, the Southeast, up 36.9% and the Northeast, up 35.6%.

Types of hotels in Brazil three years later

When the comparison turns to different categories of hotels, all three metrics continue to show an increase in September 2022 compared to the same month in 2019. For example, in Brazil hotel occupancy levels, both low-end and midscale establishments rose slightly in the three years, while upscale hotels saw a slight downturn of 1%.

All three registered upticks in the room rate, with upscale hotels seeing the highest at 42.1%. RevPAR levels also went up with the most significant leap again in the upscale category, where it rose by 40.7%.

FOHB research includes statistics for 506 hotels in Brazil, with a total of 75,842 rooms between them.

(Source: FOHB)