Best places to visit in Brazil in 2019

Best places to visit in Brazil in 2019

Within the massive landmass of Brazil, there are literally thousands of destinations worthy of being on the tourist trail. Some such as Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro are already world-renowned while others have yet to become household names. The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism recently released its tips for up-and-coming destinations this year. Northeast Brazil stands at the top of the list. Read on to discover why it makes one of the best places to visit in Brazil in 2019.


Always sought-after

The article starts by pointing out that Brazilian tourism is on the rise. Better airline connections mean Brazilian holidaymakers are on the move more than ever this year. The Ministry has great expectations for 2019 and forecasts high numbers of tourists this summer season until Carnival and then beyond.


The article also highlights the number of different tools you can use to search for the best places to visit in Brazil in 2019. Online travel portals and comparison sites count among the most popular with all travelers, Brazilians and foreigners, who are keen to read reviews before they make their decision.


But one factor stands out above all others. Whichever platform tourists choose for their inspiration, “one thing never changes”. Northeast Brazil is “always one of the most sought-after destinations”. All areas of this holiday spot appeal to both Brazilians and foreigners, according to the Ministry of Tourism.


Ceará at the top of the list

While Northeast Brazil in general sits at the top of Brazilians’ best places to visit in Brazil in 2019, one state stands out ahead of the others: Ceará. The northeastern-most part of the region takes pride of place in the Ministry of Tourism article.


The success of Ceará as a tourist destination led the Ministry of Tourism to describe it as “a new boom”. And figures for tourism in 2018 certainly point to the state as one of the best places to visit in Brazil last year.


Ceará beaches are described as “paradisiacal”. The state has some of the most beautiful in this part of Brazil with miles of beaches, sand dunes, cliffs and palm trees along its coastline. The article highlights those along the Costa do Sol Nascente (Eastern Costa del Sol) with its contrasts from busy waterparks to sand dunes that run as far as Rio Grande do Norte, the neighboring state. Canoa Quebrada is a particular favourite on this stretch of coastline and a perennial favourite with Brazilian tourists.


Going north from the capital, Fortaleza, the coastline goes as far as Jeriocoacoara. This coast, known as the Costa do Sol Ponente (Western Costa del Sol) offers more long sandy beaches as well as nature and adventure for visitors. The area has many quiet beaches where tourists can enjoy the natural beauty, almost to themselves. It was recently described as the new Brazilian Cancun due to new resort development in the area.


Fortaleza communications capital

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism also highlights the flight connections now offered by Fortaleza Airport. Since May last year, the capital of Ceará has experienced a huge rise in visitor figures. By the end of 2018, Fortaleza had almost 50 international flights a week as well as dozens of domestic flights.


The wide choice of flights and destinations undoubtedly speaks volumes for Ceará as a tourist destination. More new routes are planned in 2019 including the first direct flight between Fortaleza and Madrid. All in all, Ceará can look forward to another boom year for tourism in 2019 as more foreigners and Brazilians choose it as one of their best places to visit in Brazil.


(Source: Brazilian Ministry of Tourism)