10 (Compelling) Reasons to Invest with BRIC Group

10 (Compelling) Reasons to Invest with BRIC Group

If you’re looking to invest in property, we understand you need to be assured your investment is safe and will give you the returns you are looking for. BRIC Group go above and beyond to look after our clients needs and investments. Read on to discover 10 reasons why you should choose to invest with BRIC Group.

Tried and trusted

All BRIC Group investments are owned by the company and required to prove their track record before they’re offered to investors. We then invest our own money first in all the assets we offer.

Asset-backed investments

Every single one of BRIC Group offerings is asset-backed so you buy something tangible and real when you invest with BRIC Group.

Range of options

No two investors have the same budgets just as no two investors want to buy the same thing. BRIC Group caters for them all. Whether your budget stretches to thousands of dollars or just runs to US$15,500, there’s something in our portfolio for you.

And we also offer a choice on investment involvement. Fancy doing nothing at all while your investment makes you money? Then check out our turnkey properties. Like something a little more hands-on? Have a look at the range of options at The Coral.

Clear exit strategies

All BRIC Group investments have viable exit strategies so your ownership comes with extra peace of mind. Our offerings are in key locations with markets on the up and clear future expansion. That way you know you’ll be able to sell your investment on when the time comes. That said, at BRIC Group we agree with Warren Buffett whose “favourite holding period is forever”!

Full ownership

When you invest with BRIC Group you get full ownership of the assets along with full title deeds in your name. Always.

See for yourself

We’re with you in that it’s not easy to buy a property unseen. We like to see an investment for real before we buy too. With this in mind, we offer inspection trips to our properties giving you the chance to see them for yourself.

On hand

Unlike some investment companies we don’t go AWOL or not return your call. Our teams – in Brazil, Dubai, Hungary and Spain – are on hand to answer your queries, give you more information, explain an exit strategy, guide you through the purchase process, pay you your guaranteed rental income…

All the way

As well as being around when you need us, we also accompany our investors every step of the way. From initial enquiry to final purchase we’re here to help. And we’ve even got dedicated staff for after-sales assistance if you need it.


Knowledge is another reason to invest with BRIC Group. Few investment companies go to quite the same depth in their research. We know our markets inside out and from top to bottom. Our research team also stays one step ahead and provides continual updates on market trends and current situations to keep our investors informed and in the loop.


Free resources

And you don’t have to be an investor to access our knowledge centre. All our brochures (and there are lots of them) are available free to download. And ditto for our market guides, quarterly updates and our monthly development reports.  

Convinced or need more information about investing with BRIC Group? Get in touch and find out for yourself just why it makes sense to invest with us.  

But you don’t need to take our word for any of this. Take a look at what our clients say about investing with us and then decide for yourself.